The FLOE project (Flexible Learning for Open Education) engages diverse learners and educators to design more inclusive forms of teaching and learning.

Learning happens best when the experience is personalized to individual needs. Open Educational Resources (OER) that are open to use and adapt, provide an opportunity to meet the diverse needs of learners, including those with disabilities. The FLOE Project supports the OER community in providing a sustainable, integrated approach to accessible learning, addressing the needs of learners who currently face barriers.

The FLOE project develops and gathers strategies and techniques that can be used for inclusive learning and teaching. These are shared through a variety of open guides and toolkits including:

These guides and kits support the FLOE project’s growing ecosystem of inclusive learning and teaching tools that aim to transform, augment, and personalize the learning experience.

FLOE has been contributing to the Fluid Infusion Framework which provides a technical infrastructure that can be used to create tools that are flexible and transformable. One example of such a tool can be seen in the “show preferences” panel at the top of this site. This tool can be implemented into any website and allows a learner to transform web content to meet their personal needs and preferences. More information can be found on the UI Options page.

FLOE contributes to many efforts in open education including:

The FLOE project is integral to the Fluid open community, a global community of people with varied lived experience including designers and developers, who provide support and advice for anyone working on learning content and tools.

FLOE is a project of the Inclusive Design Research Centre, OCAD University.

Funded by a grant from The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Address: 205 Richmond St. W., Second Floor Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5V 1V3
Email: idrc@ocadu.ca
Phone: (416) 977-6000 #3967