Preference Editing Tools

The FLOE Project is collaborating with the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure to build tools to allow users to create personalized digital interfaces. These preference management tools enable and promote the discovery, adjustment and application of user preferences across multiple devices. A user will be able to customize any interface they might encounter by exploring and then declaring preferences, saving them to the cloud, and applying them to devices (both private and public). For example, a user may use these tools to discover and adjust their preferences on a personal laptop, and later apply these preferences to a public ticketing kiosk.

Personalized interfaces have the potential to help digital users overcome barriers to access and participation in an increasingly digital world. Interfaces that meet users where they are, adapt to their unique needs, and empower them to participate by putting the personalization decisions in their hands are not only possible, but are a necessity for many to “get in the digital door.” The goal of this personalization is to make interaction with technology as painless and as enjoyable as possible for all.

For more information and to see an example of preference management tools in action, please see the video below.