We Count Update: Inclusion in the Data Economy

We Count is gathering challenges faced by the community related to data ecosystem inclusion.

In two co-creation activities, We Count engaged diverse perspectives to consider the needs and requirements for a more equitable Smart City. Stories were co-created to uncover and explain challenges, needs, benefits and potential dangers of data-driven communities. The resulting reports are openly available.

An illustration of a resident answering their front door, with a person in an authoratative uniform on the
            other side.
An illustrator provided a visual representation of these stories, specifically what can happen when decisions are based on audio sensor data that can’t recognize uncontrollable noises such as involuntary vocalizations.

An image showing a homeowner answering their front door, with a person in an uniform on the other side. The homeowner has a dismayed expression on their face, and the person in the uniform is saying: "I just respond to what the system tells me, and the system is saying you're too loud."

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