Infusion 3.0 Release

The FLOE team is pleased to announce the release of Infusion 3.0!

A lot of time and effort has gone into this release, and we’d like to thank everyone in the community for their contributions.

Infusion 3.0 includes many changes to the core and preferences framework and may not be backwards compatible with previous versions of Infusion. All bundled JS files are now minified, so you may need to update your imports if you were specifically requesting minified versions for previous releases.

Please see API Changes from 2.0 to 3.0 and Deprecations in 3.0 on the Infusion Documentation site.

Release Notes

Obtaining Infusion

What’s New in 3.0.0?

  • Minified distributions:
    • infusion-all.js
    • infusion-all-no-jquery.js
    • infusion-framework.js
    • infusion-framework-no-jquery.js
    • infusion-uio.js
    • infusion-uio-no-jquery.js
  • Added model transformations for converting between:
    • Boolean values and Strings
      • fluid.transforms.booleanToString
      • fluid.transforms.stringToBoolean
    • Date/Time and Strings
      • fluid.transforms.dateToString
      • fluid.transforms.dateTimeToString
      • fluid.transforms.stringToDate
    • JSON Objects and Strings
      • fluid.transforms.objectToJSONString
      • fluid.transforms.JSONstringToObject
  • Updated model transformations:
    • Number to String transformation supports specifying decimal precision.
    • Round transformation can round to an integer or decimal value
  • fluid.stringTemplate updated to support nested objects for interpolating values
  • Added fluid.dataSource grade
  • Added fluid.remoteModelComponent for keeping remote and local models in sync.
Preference framework
  • Switched from Stylus to SASS for CSS pre-processing
  • Responsive design for small screens/mobile devices.
  • Updated look of on/off toggles and checkboxes
  • Added additional contrast themes based on Windows contrast themes.
  • Added the OpenDyslexic 3 font as an option to the Text Style panel
  • Added localized message bundles for Farsi, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • New preferences:
    • Letter spacing
    • Syllabification preference
    • Text-to-speech preference using the Orator component
    • Word spacing preference
  • A self voicing widget with play/pause, text highlighting, selection reading.
    • NOTE: Currently there is a bug with Google supplied voice synthesizers that prevents text highlighting and long text being synthesized in Chrome. See FLUID-6635
Test Infrastructure
  • jqUnit.test supports async tests with promises


More information about deprecations can be found in the Deprecated in 3.0 docs.

  • Fast XML Pull
    • Will be removed in a future release.
  • Pager
    • fluid.pagedTable and fluid.table grades and related functionality will be removed in an upcoming release.
  • Renderer
    • The Renderer will be completely overhauled in an upcoming release. Expect API breakage, and that all of the existing Renderer implementation is deprecated. This includes potential API breakages for the Preferences Framework and Infusion components that use the Renderer.