Co-design Toolkit Updates

The FLOE project is documenting and sharing new learnings about working remotely and engaging people with diverse needs with the global community of Inclusive Design practitioners through the Community-Led Co-Design Kit.

The BEING Futures project was a collaboration between the Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC) and BEING Studio. The goal of this project was to assist BEING Studio in brainstorming and conceptualizing an emerging digital / in-person hybrid operating model. This work included needs-gathering through co-design with artist members, with the aim of creatively mapping out design ideas for tools and activities for artists to access resources and connect with other artists within and outside of BEING.

Working together with BEING Studio provided an opportunity for the FLOE project to further develop our community-led co-design approaches. Collaborating with the BEING Studio facilitators to create and refine a co-design plan provided new learnings about working with a community of artists with unique and diverse needs.

The FLOE project has also benefited from this collaboration through new learnings about remote co-design practices. The challenges of working remotely have required significant re-thinking of how we connect and collaborate. During the pandemic, BEING Studio pivoted quickly to working online. BEING artists and facilitators developed their own ways of working together in this new context, and these ways of working were incorporated into the co-design activities of the BEING Futures project.