Intergenerational Coding Workshops

From October through December 2022, the Floe project is working with the GrandPals project and the By Design Learning Centre to approach intergenerational activities from a different perspective: Coding! Through this partnership, we are exploring how coding can enrich interactions between different generations and encourage them to share stories and exchange life experiences.

A senior and a child working together using Weavly.

We are running a series of 5 co-design workshops with a group of senior adults and grade 2 & 3 students. To start, our co-designers learned a little about coding and how to use the Weavly coding environment. Now they are creating coding activities that can foster intergenerational conversations and storytelling. With these activities, people from different age groups can work together to learn about coding as they share life experiences. These activities will be publicly available in the Weavly Educator’s Toolkit in early 2023.