Introduction of Baby Bliss Bot Project

The Baby Bliss Bot project seeks to investigate the feasibility of utilizing AI tools to enhance communication for AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) users within a minority writing system. With a strong emphasis on inclusivity and community-driven development, AAC and Blissymbols users will actively participate as decision-makers in the iterative co-design process. By leveraging their expertise, the project aims to revolutionize communication with nonfamiliar listeners. Through this collaborative effort, we strive to gain invaluable insights and specifications for the creation of advanced AI-based AAC systems, supported by the development of experimental prototypes.

The anticipated outcomes of this project are multifold. By engaging AAC users as co-designers, we hope to uncover innovative ways to enhance communication in a minority language system. The project’s insights and specifications will serve as a valuable resource for researchers, developers, and professionals working in the field of AAC.

For detailed information about the project, we invite you to visit the Baby Bliss Bot Project page.