Bilingual Support in the Inverted Word Cloud

The IDRC Inverted Word Clouds website has been enhanced to provide bilingual support, offering both English and French language options. This update aims to cater to a broader range of users and improve accessibility for individuals who prefer either of these languages.

In traditional word clouds, majority answers are emphasized while minority answers fade to the background. The Inverted Word Cloud centres minority voices by providing an option to flip the algorithm and select between highlighting minority or majority answers. This is a very effective tool to use in the classroom setting, particularly when talking about diversity and inclusion.

By implementing bilingual support, the website now offers a more inclusive experience, ensuring that users can interact with the website in their preferred language. This enhancement not only promotes better engagement but also aligns with the organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

The addition of French language support is a significant step towards expanding the reach of the Inverted Word Clouds platform. With this feature in place, further language support can be easily incorporated by adding translations and making minor adjustments, allowing for future growth and adaptation to diverse linguistic communities.

We encourage users to explore the bilingual features and provide feedback on their experience. Continuous improvement and adaptation to user needs remain a top priority, ensuring that the platform remains accessible and engaging for a wide range of individuals.